SM (Managing Director)

As a foreign-owned enterprise, Squire Mech (China) has overcome many challenges during its development in China to become a strong company that provide M&E Consultancy Services to developers and building owners.

The market in China is enormous and abundance with jobs but companies who wish to reap this advantage, must possess the necessary expertise, management skill and sensitivity to ensure its sustainable development.

Similarly, Squire Mech (China) through its commitment to professionalism and detailing has valiantly advanced to become a renowned M&E Consultancy Service firm in the building construction industry.

It is a culture in our company, to always return to the fundamental of M&E design and not application of costly fanciful gadgets, to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability of the systems implement in buildings.

We promote the concept of designing building systems that are integrated and work to complement each other and not against each other. We support the Architects in their passive designs and through our well thought active design strategies, enhance value of the building, reduce energy consumption and carbon emission.

It is the heart that matters and we will continue to commit ourselves in providing good services and perpetuating the noble cause of environmental protection.

We aspire to be a  training base for M&E engineers and the leader of innovation. We focus on our professionalism with confidence, always thinking strategically, breaking the traditional working style of Local Design Institute, upgrading our service through enhancement and innovation in our design, meeting the needs of the market, expending our service , in order to provide maximum value for our clients. In addition, we strive to improve the whole industry service quality and engineering standards through enhancing our services and continuous training of our people.